What’s the Process?

Getting Started...

After reviewing the website, get in touch with one of our team to arrange a call. We’re a friendly bunch and here to help – no question is too small. We love talking about Flip Out and are always happy to spend time with you and listen to your questions and thoughts

  • It’s always useful for us to know what has made you decide to call us. Whether you’ve just sold a business, or taken early retirement, had an inheritance or want a change in career direction
  • We will ask you a few questions so we can help gauge where you would fit in and what type of franchisee you would be
  • We can answer broad early-stage questions and explain the onboarding stage
  • When you know you want to join us we will go through the process and associated costs, outlining the commitment that will be expected from you and the support you will receive from us
  • This includes, several onboarding documents:
    • A non-disclosure agreement
    • A credit checking process where we ask a permissions form to be signed
    • A personal balance sheet will need to be completed
    • A request for your CV 
    • plus, a small deposit of interest of £2,500* plus vat that you will need to pay to show a level of commitment

*This deposit will be partially refunded if the project does not go forward, less any expenses incurred for us to facilitate meetings etc. inline with our terms and conditions

  • One the above is completed you will be given access to a shared drive that will include a number of documents that we will explain and you can use to evaluate the project moving forward
  • You will be introduced to an account handler who will join you on your journey and coordinate your meetings and calls with other members of the Flip Out team