How do I invest in Flip Out?

Why franchise?

Franchising is a way of getting into business with the benefit of someone else having proven the model and being there to support you through what can be a difficult challenging time of opening a new business

They will have skills, experience, supplier relationships, beneficial deals already in place for you to take advantage of, and can provide support when needed, for the cost of the associated fees

Definition of franchising

A franchise is the right given by a company (franchisor) to an individual (franchisee) to market and/or trade products and services using the franchise model in a specific area or territory. It is governed by a contract, the ‘franchise agreement’. On purchasing the franchise, the franchisee must comply with strict guidelines and rules to maintain brand consistency. In addition to the initial franchise fee, a franchisee will normally pay regular royalties to the franchisor to benefit from things such as training, support, and marketing assistance

As a Flip Out franchisee, you will have the rights to an area and for the use of our business model for the duration of the franchise agreement. You are likely to start with one outlet and potentially progress to more as your business grows. We have several franchisees throughout the world with multiple locations. This is our entry-level and most popular first move into the world of franchising

The Franchise Model

The franchisee and area developer generates revenue and income from the sale of the use of our facilities:

The master franchisor generates revenue from: Franchise agreements, Franchise royalties, Marketing contributions & Park builds