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Flip Out (FO) is a global family-focused leisure entertainment brand, selling an Indoor Adventure Park experience. It is operated out of large indoor venues, custom-built to reflect the Flip Out street style with a wide range of activity equipment, combined with party and diner facilities…


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What We Do

We provide a leisure venue selling time-based experience sessions, children’s parties and a food offering within our park and café environment, tabling a wide range of offers, promoted via our consumer website, social media, events and promotions

Originating in Australia in 2012, Flip Out was started to create a fun experience for parents to share with their children; an adventure that does not exclude children randomly by age or height. An ideology we still believe in today

Flip Out began with outdoor trampoline parks throughout Australia and grew nationally and internationally via a franchise format. We now operate around the World with more than 60 Flip Out adventure parks (both indoor and outdoor). The UK is now the leading national operator with 27 parks.

We pride ourselves on being an innovator within the industry, constantly evolving our offer and refining our customer experience.

The Flip Out Brand & Culture

The Flip Out experience can be described as a ‘fantasy world with a focus on fun and safety’

When you step inside a Flip Out Adventure Park, you are transported to a world filled with adrenaline, extreme excitement, and limitless fun.

Our approach is friendly, engaging and family orientated. Children and adults can let loose together, while improving their physical fitness and having fun in a safe environment

The culture and the visual aesthetic of each Flip Out location are a major part of the Company’s business and a significant market differentiator. Consistency in delivery of the service and the environment within which it is delivered across the Flip Out network is key. This is regulated through the use of brand guidelines and enhanced by the local master franchisor

Message from our CEO

Welcome and thank you for wanting to find out more about the Flip Out business model and how you can become part of the Flip Out…

Welcome and thank you for wanting to find out more about the Flip Out business model and how you can become part of the Flip Out franchise family

The UK and worldwide market for adventure parks has grown rapidly over the last few years and Flip Out have been at the forefront of this growth leading with innovation in both technology and business process to continually improve the customer experience.

Our franchising model is well developed and supported by our UK team, something I hope we can demonstrate to you throughout this website, at our meetings, speaking with my team and welcoming you to our Discovery Day presentation. If you jump aboard and become a franchisee, we have some of the most detailed planning and build process to take you through in order to develop and build your park

Flip the switch today to make our vision your reality. Call us today to come along and enjoy the Flip Out journey.

– David White, Flip Out CEO