Flip Out UK has launched an anti-obesity campaign to encourage families and friends to get active in 2022. Flip Out, the UK’s leading adventure park and trampoline operator,  have created the ‘Fit with Friends’ campaign in response to the latest Government data which shows 63% of all adults are overweight and many children are obese by the time they are 11- years- old.

The trend  has been exacerbated by frequent lockdowns over the past 18 months as thousands of youngsters aged under 17 have been admitted to hospital with a range of  eating disorders. 

The adventure park operator is now offering a ‘2 for 1’ discount across all Monday to Friday sessions to encourage both adults and youngsters to get fit while having fun together.

The keep fit initiative is the brainchild of Flip Out co-founder Richard Beese who said: ” Our commitment to fight obesity is stronger than ever.

“This is a serious problem in the UK for both adults and children. We are in danger of  becoming a nation of couch potatoes which has been fuelled by people being stuck at home during lockdowns.

“Losing body weight can really have a positive impact on our health and it also reduces the chances of becoming seriously ill with COVID. And we all know the ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ mantra – keeping active also has a hugely positive impact on mental health.

“We know how difficult it can be to get people excited by the idea of exercise so what better way to make being active that bit more fun than by coming to an adventure park!

“Flip Out offers something for people of all ages and abilities, so my advice is why not give it a try and get jumping fit for 2022?!

“We definitely hope to encourage both adults and children to kick start their drive to be more active with this initiative.”

 The Government’s Better Health Initiative shows overweight adults are at increased risk of cancer, severe COVID, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and  heart disease  as well as putting an extra strain on the creaking Health Service. Figures from the National Childhood Measurement Programme also  show the highest year-on-year rise in school age obesity since the programme began.

Flip Out is already at the forefront of trying to keep the nation in shape. Before the pandemic, the company  pioneered a campaign offering cash-strapped schools the chance to host PE lessons within their facilities. And they handed out thousands of free passes to increase energy and exercise levels in young people across the country.

National guidelines recommend about 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise a day or a minimum of 150 minutes a week.